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White Man from San Diego Waves Gun Around Small Children In Confrontation With Police and Is Taken Into Custody Alive.  

This white man walked towards the police with a gun pointed at them and they spend half an hour talking to him before they shoot him one time. If he had been a black man, they would’ve shot him dead. Before you police apologists claim this man has a history of mental illness (he does) that’s why the police was lenient,  Ezell Ford, a mentally ill black man, was recently killed by the LAPD. 

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i hope this woman lives forever

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Speakeasy - John Mulaney

Oh look, it’s my two favourite comedians talking to each other. Again, this is Speakeasy, the webshow where Paul F. Tompkins interviews Hollywood types over drinks. It is always funny and interesting, so go watch it already!

Seriously, this one has 29 views right now, and two of those are me.

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this is what im on tumblr for


this is what im on tumblr for

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"Virgins" by Death From Above 1979

Saying so long to summer with what coulda been a summer jam if they’d only released it earlier.

this song is such a banger goddddddamn

The whole damn album is fucking gold. But “Right On, Frankenstein” is so goddamn good

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Start a punk band and name it “kung-fu treachery”

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And how hard is it to land even a minimum-wage job? This year, the Ivy League college admissions acceptance rate was 8.9%. Last year, when Walmart opened its first store in Washington, D.C., there were more than 23,000 applications for 600 jobs, which resulted in an acceptance rate of 2.6%, making the big box store about twice as selective as Harvard and five times as choosy as Cornell. Telling unemployed people to get off their couches (or out of the cars they live in or the shelters where they sleep) and get a job makes as much sense as telling them to go study at Harvard.

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